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Chakra Balancing and Restoration

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Chakra Balancing and Restoration Online Course Details Ready to love & heal your body, mind & spirit? Want to ditch feelings of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion? Looking to feel motivated and inspired? Ready to feel healthier, confident, and positive? Chakra Restoration is moving out and releasing chronic negative energies that do not belong in our energy body and aura. When all seven Chakras are cleaned, cleared, and restored they are flowing, then one is functioning at optimal health. When one of the Chakras is blocked or withdrawn, one feels out of sorts, negative, or may have an illness/disease. Chakras regulate emotions and energies. The Chakra Balancing and Restoration Online Course is self-paced and designed for those new to learning about energy and the Chakras. The information is also beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge of additional practices to incorporate into their daily routine. The Chakra Balancing and Restoration is the first step to empowering yourself to love & support your body, mind, and spirit. During the course, you will learn about • Your energy and the energy around you • How chakras affect your health, well-being and happiness • Key characteristics of each of the 7 chakras • How to identify chakra blockages • How to balance and heal the chakras with various tools and practices Learn at your own pace with full lifetime access to the course content. The course includes: · Overview of the 7 chakras · Chakra RE-balancing Reference Guide - includes practices to incorporate into your daily routine · Guided meditation

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