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First Times

As we say goodbye to 2023, I always enjoy the quiet time and space to reflect on my journey over the last 12 months.  Taking time to reflect honors this period in my life that shapes who I am today.  


So many moments of the year I remember saying- This is my first time….


This feels so important to me because I realized how much we get caught up in the mundane, the feeling of safe places, and routine.  The first-times allowed me a sense of newness that felt exhilarating no matter how big or small the experience may be.


Whether it was new travel and exploration destinations, foods, meeting new people, walking into small business and letting them know you are first time customer, starting my first business and getting that first sale, writing my first blog (today) - I felt the same feelings of joy and vitality.


This was also a year of firsts for me physically and mentally.  I chose a Gluten Free lifestyle that has allowed me to finally feel comfortable in my body. Mentally, I learned how to be comfortable with other people feeling uncomfortable.  I also said yes more and a lot less no. 

The feelings associated with the first-time experiences built inside of me and I wanted to explore more. 


What I discovered is that I was honoring myself and FILLING MY CUP FIRST.


I hope you can discover ways to feel the “first-time” feelings and incorporate newness.  I wish you blessings for the close of 2023 and cheers to filling your cup!

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