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Image by Annie Spratt

Access Bars

Release tension, stress, worry, and negative thoughts to feel lighter, more at ease, and limitless.

Head Massage

An Access Bars® session is a non-invasive service where the practitioner gently touches 32 points on the head while you are relaxing on a massage table.  Through a pattern of touch, your body responds allowing you to let go of tension, stress, worry, and negative thought patterns. After the session you may feel lighter, more peaceful, and equanimity.

What are the benefits of Access Bars?

  • Relaxation – like you just had a massage that clears the mind and sets the stage for profound positive changes to take place or the best nap ever

  • May feel peace, joy and ease in aspects of your life

  • Calming the mind and the chatter – that nagging voice inside your head

  • Release stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Aids in removing limiting beliefs and barriers

  • Empowers you to start asking questions about the possibilities to create your own life.

  • Create space for to be receptive to what you truly desire

Want a life that’s filled with more ease, joy, and peace?  Book your session today.  


All appointments will be at 700 Morgantown Ave, Fairmont, WV 26554

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